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Gordon Taylor Shelters


Where do we begin?

The process begins with an initial meeting between the client and Gordon Taylor viewing a visual portfolio that showcases his work while the client introduces the project and their requirements. At this stage it is important to understand what the client is looking for with respect to style and ultimately the finished product.

At this stage a basic assessment is made of the house or commercial space.

If it is a renovation, the client has to be made aware of possible problems that may occur once walls are opened up. Poor framing, foundation issues, poor mechanical or the presence of asbestos are only a few things that can be encountered when entering into a renovation. GTShelters has an extensive knowledge of older buildings where there are usually no surprises, only solutions to potential recurring problems.

Proper education is the key to a successful renovation project. A renovation, unlike a new build, can be more challenging and issues must be dealt with as they occur. Some people should renovate while others should not.

If clients have chosen their own designer, it is important that the contractor and designer meet early to avoid designs that are just not feasible. If GTShelters is chosen for the design process, we use sketches and sometimes models to focus quickly on specific details of a project. From this, final drawings, computer imagery and blueprints are usually produced.

Before work is to begin, the client is informed about the permit process, sub-trades and some of the choices they may have to deal with. These may include base and casing style, coffered ceilings, exposed beams, hardwoods, or specialized finishes that can take some time to produce. The scope of work may encompass demolition, possible foundation work, framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, drywall, taping and sanding, painting and staining to finishing as well as landscaping. Will the project include the installation of HRV, speakers, Cat 5, HDMI, or other technology? All of these installations should be reviewed early to keep the project on track. When changes are made in the middle of a schedule it can cost the client considerably more money.

GTShelters is there to help its clients through all aspects of their project. Start the design early and avoid forgetting that important detail that a last minute rush can produce. For large projects leave yourself a year for planning, plan your spring/summer project in the winter and your interior renovation in the summer.