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Gordon Taylor Shelters


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GTShelters provides a personalized approach to design and building, exciting the imagination of our clients in order that their projects attain their own personal touch; an expression of who they are and how they wish to live.

Art, by definition, brings about the symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions, and intellect. If art is used in the approach of design to build, it will accomplish these with the intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions.

The end result should be unique while maintaining form and function. Artistic expression is only as good as its ability to provide what it was intended to do.

At GTShelters, all projects are viewed with an artistic approach to structure and form. A porch design for a historical property can not be so distant from the original vision that it overshadows what is already present. A landscape should not be designed to ignore the environment that surrounds it. A new home should blend with its community, but still maintain a distinctive look.

Before a renovation or build can take place, all the elements of form and function must be looked at. A beautiful room without enough lights or switches, a high ceiling without correctly sizing the base and casing, a deck that should have a curve instead of a rectangle are all disappointing results of inadequate planning.

GTShelters designs and builds holistically. All elements must work together to produce the best product. In the end, your renovation or project should respect, “the art of living”.